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Finance graphicWelcome to GrantsAccess.com, brought to you by Flying Tigers International Corporation (FTIC). We provide a full range of grants research and writing services to help your business, organization or agency connect with the funds you need. We've raised more than $120 million over the last 10 years.

We specialize in working with businesses, tribal governments and entities, governments and governmental agencies, non-profits, schools and universities in the United States and around the globe (se habla español and nous parlons la francais). We write proposals for government grants, faith-based grants, foundation grants, corporate giving grants, responses to Request for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Qualifications (RFQs), and more. Our grant writers also have in-depth knowledge of many technologies and business models. FTIC provides grants research and writing services in the fields of:

  • Business grants
  • Science and research projects
  • General operating support funds
  • Environmental programming and outreach support
  • Renewable and sustainable energy grants
  • Rural economic development activities
  • Biomass grants
  • Electronic Health Records and health technologies projects
  • New technology research, development and commercialization funding
  • Interoperability and telecommunications grants
  • Distance learning initiatives
  • Telemedicine grants
  • Homeland security funds
  • Disaster preparedness and planning grants
  • Animal rescue and wildlife preservation activities
  • International grants
  • Grants to support projects that benefit the elderly
  • Law enforcement grants
  • Public safety improvement projects
  • Training and professional development projects
  • Grants for projects to benefit U.S. Veterans
  • Urban economic development initiatives
  • Job creation and retention grants
  • Human services projects
  • Grants for criminal justice and reentry programs
  • Grants to support programs for disadvantaged youth
  • K-12 education programming funding
  • Afterschool programming support
  • Substance abuse prevention, education and treatment grants
  • Arts and culture grants
  • Business expansion and relocation projects
  • Grants for projects that serve historically underrepresented populations
  • Adult education and continued learning grants
  • Capacity-building grants

Click here to check out our services page for a full list of all that we can offer you.


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